Are You Claiming A Home Office Deduction?

Home office deductions have long been “red flags” to the IRS. Considering you are deducting the home office expenses, do you know whether you are depreciating the asset? If so, you may be subject to the “recapture” of deprecation on the percentage of your primary residence that you have allocated to the “home office.” If you plan to move, make sure you take into account the potential capital gain liability you may have.

Steve Olson CFP®, AEP® CEO | Family Wealth Advisor

Steve Olson’s experience spans over a decade of focused tax planning, legal strategy interpretation, investment management, and advisory services to wealthy individuals and families throughout the U.S. Over the course of his still young career, Steve provides counsel and management on individual assets and portfolios—encompassing a combination of securities, real estate, privately held businesses and other alternative investments—ranging in value from $5 million to over $400 million in value.

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