AWP & Private Wealth

Some seem to focus
solely on investments.
But they’re only one
piece of the puzzle.

We don’t take a myopic approach to your wealth.
Instead, we practice all-encompassing financial
planning to make sure that you have all of your
bases covered and to help you enter and enjoy
retirement with confidence to the fullest.

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AWP & Private Wealth

Each client has unique
needs. Complexity
and privacy are a
common thread.

Form a partnership with a team that specializes in handling
the intricacies of your wealth across the spectrum.

Ultra-tailored Wealth Management & Estate Planning
Fortify & Maintain a Legacy that Flourishes

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AWP & Private Wealth

We’re with you for

The average age of a financial advisor is 55 years old, and it is anticipated that approximately 40% of financial advisors will retire in the next 10 years.

We are not retiring anytime soon. We will be with your family for generations. Everybody talks about multi-generational planning; we actually practice it.

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Your Unique
Circumstances Guide
Our Process

Understanding the ‘why’ helps us identify the issues that our work will address. Our planning process is integral to determining where and why the problem exists, how to fix it, how much it will cost you, how much it will save you, and what could happen if it goes unaddressed.

We identify gaps and inefficiencies driven by:

Let’s get to know
each other.

PRIVATE WEALTH SERVICES Investments are only
one piece of the puzzle.

Life and Business changes, along with new opportunities that occur throughout every year. These events impact your financial well-being and take on a domino effect, impacting investment risk/return considerations, tax, legal, estate, and asset protection requirements and outcomes. We offer a comprehensive approach to managing private wealth across the spectrum.

Asset Protection &
Privacy Planning

AWP’s asset protection planning strategies aim to protect your family to the fullest extent from creditors, predators, taxes, divorce, and probate.

Tax Planning &

By analyzing the unique circumstances of your estate and employing creative strategies, AWP’s comprehensive and proactive approach works to minimize tax impact and protect assets.

Retirement Planning &
Paycheck Replacement

Your retirement is for you to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve worked to establish for you and your loved ones––not getting bogged down with the management of your finances/investments. A partnership with AWP means we do it for you.

Portfolio Management

Whether for Public, Private or Real Estate investments, AWP uses research and analysis to determine which offerings are most attractive for your unique situation. AWP provides the flexibility to either manage portfolios both in-house, or by identifying, analyzing, and monitoring institutional-quality money managers.

Trust & Estate Planning

Whether you want to leave your assets to your loved ones or to your favorite charitable organization, AWP will work to design your estate planning strategy as a part of our overall family plan, collaborating with your legal and tax counsel to ensure that as much as possible is transferred to your heirs––not Uncle Sam.

Charitable Giving &

AWP can help you maximize the giving and the financial impact to the organizations that you care deeply about. Whether establishing Employing Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) or Chartible Trusts, AWP will guide you through the process to execute on your wishes.

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Every wealth story is different. See how we
approached some of our actual client partnerships.

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