AWP Insurance Strategy & Analysis

Not just another life
insurance quote.

AWP’s advanced life insurance analysis gives you an in-depth look
at your life insurance options. We make it easy to give the ‘most
neglected asset’ the attention it requires.

  • Understand the REAL cost of your policy (You could be paying 2x, 5x, or 20x what is available with other carriers)
  • Find out whether it is the lowest internal cost available (not the lowest annual premium).
  • Find out if your life insurance will be exposed to estate/death taxes.
  • Identify what the true rate of return on your policy has been – and if it is competitive with others.
  • Determine if the amount of insurance you have is sufficient to meet your tax or legacy related goals.
  • Determine if it is appropriate to borrow or cross-collateralize assets letting the bank’s money work for you instead of paying the premiums out of pocket. Keep your money.
  • Examine the ‘financial strength’ of insurers – and see if they’re more likely to be around to pay.

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